There has been a disturbing lack of sports news up on the site this week. Coincidentally, there has also been a disturbing lack of sobriety in my life this week. No wait...maybe that's not a coincidence....anyways, I've done my best to round up everything we've totally dropped the ball on for the past week or so. If you haven't read this stuff yet, you 100% should now:

*If you read any of these, check out our e-friend (and object of our affection) Matt's excellent exclusive with John Amaechi. [With Leather]

*On the flip side, Tony Dungy is pretty unrepentant about not liking the gays. Which leads us to ask, "Dude, what about Peyton?" [also With Leather]

*You probably heard that J. Peezy got into a fist fight w/ Levi Jones in Vegas, but did you read the hilarious transcript of the brawl? [The Big Lead, The Mighty MJD]

*A Flickr stream of NBA players and hos. [Via FreeDarko]

My personal favorite:

Kaman loves fat hos

Chris Kaman and some of his biggest fans. hardy har har...

*Greg Oden: hard-fouler, nice dancer. [AOL Fanhouse, Drunk Athlete]

*Bill Cowher + Bill Shatner = my dreams finally coming true [Mondesi's House]

*If you ever wanted to see Pops Mensah-Bonsu dancing while opening Xmas gifts or dancing at Walmart then this = your dreams finally coming true [D.C. Sports Blog]

*Eli Manning and Jeff Garcia are getting hitched. Surprisingly, not to each other. [AOL Fanhouse]

*Ryan Dempster is a Harry Caray impersonator, ninja. [Sports by Brooks]

*KSK still hilarious w/ their NFL Family Circus parodies, off season adventures of Michael Vick, and instructions on how to deal w/ neighbors like Jerramy Stevens. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

* I love Ozzie Guillen. [Deadspin]

*Polygamy in the NCAA [AOL Fanhouse]

*Tony LaRussa got a DUI [Deadspin]

*Gilbert Arenas is crazy. [We are the Postmen]

*Khalif Barnes arrest video. [AOL Fanhouse]

*Mark Cuban thought about selling the Mavs after the finals last year. [Via Mavs Moneyball]


If you've already read all this sports news, then read about our non-sports related (but still alcohol-related) exploits at Dallas' "hottest club." [Dallas Observer, written by the criminally sexy Andrea]

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  1. # Blogger lauren

    mandy don't be jealous that kaman took pictures with other girls.

    that man has a lot of love to go around. he can't just give it all to you.

    and don't try and hide it. we all know you wish you were one of those girls. okay, in real life you are half of one of those girls.  

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