I hadn't heard much about Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood lately, so I just assumed that she dumped his ass after that whole playoff snap fiasco. But nope, turns out they're still going strong and the two were spotted hanging out at "Dallas's hip Ghostbar" this weekend to celebrate Tony's 27th birthday.

Click here to see the rest of the annoyingly watermarked photos. Ok, first of all, are they "just friends" or getting married? Make up your minds people. And second of all, Ghostbar on your 27th birthday? Lame. That place brings the suck. It is anything but "hip" as we've told you before. C'mon Tony, take a cue from Pacman. You should've been at a gentlemen's club punching strippers and making it rain.


5 Responses to “THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER?”

  1. # Blogger Sports Bettor

    Those watermarks suck.  

  2. # Blogger Signal to Noise

    The strategy was probably "let's go celebrate at a really shitty club that tries to be pseudo-hip, no one will notice us."

    Of course, it didn't work.  

  3. # Blogger Beckylooo

    Oh shit! Great site. As a sports fan of the girl persuasion born and raised in FW,TX I'm glad to have found some chicks from the lone star. Even if you are far more hardcore than myself. (my tits are small, I don't get hockey and I only watch basketball during the playoffs). I'm adding you to my daily reading list and come football season, I'm gonna have some shit to say.  

  4. # Blogger Phillips

    When did Carrie Underwood get hot? Is there like a camp that girls go to for that after American Idol or something? That McPhee chick seems like she hit it up too. I guess Sanjaya is next.  

  5. # Blogger MythMan J

    My comment (and yours too, if you want) is at Xomba.  

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