"The display of the Oscar De La Hoya video, currently located on your site Girls Gone Sprots, is a violation of Funny or Die, Inc.'s copyright of this content. Please remove all instances of the video from your site immediately. Failure to promptly comply with this request may result in legal action.

Thanks in kind.

Funny or Die

Hurbadur. Sad face. No more video. Girls Gone Sprots don't want no video mama drama.

Thanks for spelling or site name wrong, Funni or Dei.

[Funny or Die]

Thanks to reader Trenton for sending this our way.

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2 Responses to “FIGHT AFTER THE FIGHT”

  1. # Blogger Phillips

    Fucking awesome  

  2. # Blogger Larry Brown

    what the dilly? those guys shut down your site too? or you too depressed with the mavs loss to post anything new?  

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