Dear HBO,

I got a bone to pick with you. I am what you might describe as perturbed.

You know your latest commercial for Sex and the City? The one that interrupts my Food Network Challenge: Wedding Cake Surprise? The one that shows the girls ditching the guys to watch DVDs of the show? Then at the end someone says something about the DVDs and the screen says “It’s like football for women?”

Yep. That’s the one.

Just to clarify: For some women (and I realize it’s a tiny amount) FOOTBALL IS LIKE FOOTBALL for us.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of the show. Huge. I love watching it and drawing comparisons to my life and obsessing over them and analyzing them and trying to figure out which one of the four I’m most like that week. I had my “I’m a Samantha” key chain. I am among the masses of females that relates to many of the episodes (the “You’re girl is lovely, Hubble” episode…Oh my God. It’s like it was written for me).

But I also went hoarse the last time I went to a football game. I would trade my house for some kind of miracle to turn back time and get the Mavs back in the playoffs. I would rather be at a sports bar drinking a pitcher of something frosty and rooting for whatever team is on the screen than be anywhere else (well besides being in the crowd for said event). I spend my time writing on a sports blog for crying out loud.

You see, you’ve got it all wrong HBO. I was in the SATC fan club. But you crossed a line. A sports line. In my heart.

Football is Football. Don’t fuck with that.



PS- The commercial is almost as bad as that one for Wal Mart that had the girl bringing the guy to her house for the first time and he sees that she has 4 TVs and asks her why. She responds with something like so she can watch 4 different sports at once and he in turn gets down on one knee and proposes. This angers me. This does not happen. If it did happen, Mandy and I would get a lot more proposals than we already do.


5 Responses to “OPEN LETTER TO HBO”

  1. # Blogger Andy

    Good stuff Lauren.

    I would probably propose as well, but alas, I am already married.

    Keep making me laugh (with your writing). I love your blog.

    - Andy  

  2. # Blogger Mantlemurcer

    Welcome back..we thought maybe you had jumped off the Golden Gate bridge.  

  3. # Blogger Allie

    Amen, sister, I dont think I've seen that commercial, but it's almost as bad as the Axe commercial a few years ago with the two girls sitting in the kitchen looking bored while you heard the two guys cheering from the other room, and then the one guy runs in and hugs the girl and she gets all giddy and remembers stuff from before or something....  

  4. # Blogger Beckylooo


    I second. Whole heartedly.  

  5. # Blogger Signal to Noise

    Pretty damn stupid and insulting of them.

    Par for the advertising course, though.  

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