OJ Simpson was questioned by Las Vegas police today after he allegedly broke into the Palace Station casino last night and stole a shitload of sports memorabilia from an auction house owner at gunpoint. OJ claims that the memorabilia was his and pretty much admitted to the Associated Press that he took it:

Simpson told The Associated Press an auction house owner called him several weeks ago to say some collectors "have a lot of your stuff and they don't want anyone to know they are selling it."

Simpson, who was in Las Vegas for a friend's wedding, said he arranged to meet the auction house owner. Simpson said he was conducting a "sting operation" to collect his belongings when he was escorted into the room at the Palace Station casino.

Wow, a "sting operation"? Really Nordberg? Not surprisingly the auction house owner told a slightly different story to TMZ:

Beardsley tells TMZ he had arranged to meet with someone last night who was interested in buying the suit and other Simpson memorabilia. Beardsley says the man was actually a member of Simpson's crew. He says the men stormed the room, two of them with guns drawn.

Beardsley says the men claimed to be police officers. OJ and others demanded that Beardsley and two other men surrender their cell phones. Beardsley refused to do so. Beardsley says the group stole every piece of memorabilia in the room, including items signed by Joe Montana. They also took a case of never-released leather editions of Simpson's book, "I Want to Tell You."

Man, oh man. That OJ Simpson is just incorrigible. 60 years old and still being suspected of felonies on a regular basis. I could write something about how shocking this entire thing is, but is anyone really shocked by anything OJ does anymore? Let's just all sit back and wait for his thrilling book If I Did Rob the Palace Station Casino... to come out. It's really his only logical next step.



  1. # Blogger Mantlemurcer

    Should have shot him while they had the chance.  

  2. # Blogger lauren

    Palace Station Casino. Not to be confused with Station Night Club which burnt down in a horrible pyrotechnics gone wrong accident during a Great White concert.  

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