Anybody else remember that little Julius Jones story that happened back a few weeks ago? The whole shit-storm on KSK? The birth of Red and Juggs?

Well, lots of positive things came out of it. Our readership grew, people who had never read a sports blog before were sending us emails, we got some recognition on a local sports radio show, and a little men's magazine that you might have heard of, Esquire, found out about us.

We were asked to contribute to their Top 100 list about some trends that we were keeping our eye on in sports. We wrote a blurb about Brady Quinn, Sports Fans, and some of our favorite Extreme Reality shows. We're #67-71, to be exact.

AND they named this little ole' blog one of their Top 100 things they love in our culture right now. How kickass of them, huh?

A few different Dallas publications have taken wind of it (our good friend Andrea at the Dallas Observer and Zac Crain over at the FrontBurner). And we can't say enough how much the local support means.

Check it out online or even better, go pick up a copy. It's got the ultra sexy Benicio del Torro on the cover.

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  1. # Blogger DCScrap

    nice job ladies...  

  2. # Blogger Mantlemurcer

    Very cool ladies!  

  3. # Blogger DTC

    yeeeahh, ill skip the benicio layout but congrats..  

  4. # Blogger Fletch

    Congratulations. Found you there myself. Love the pic they have of you (which I see is also your profile pics). ;)

    Like your blog - shocked I hadn't heard of it previously.  

  5. # Blogger Beretta

    Congrats! Now that you're media jugg-ernauts (double-entendre definitely implied), you won't forget us little people, will you?  

  6. # Blogger Andrea

    don't thank me. i'm just trying to ride your wave to fame and fortune.  

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