Upon further review of that last post, it seems Hellga, Fury and Stealth are women. Therefore, my panties are no longer wet. Quite dry, actually. Therefore they would be unable to give me the plowing action I so desire. Unless of course they have clits the size of Chyna's....hmmm...nah. Never mind.

It's a tie this week. Because I can't control myself.

Wolf, Toa, and Justice from American Gladiators.

Wolf looks like the homeless man that was in the bar I was at Friday night. I'm pretty sure Toa got his tribal tattoos at 360 Blues and tattoos here in Arlington. And Justice has a mohawk.

But their cast bios are even better:

"Able to smell fear and always going for the jugular, Wolf is 230-pounds of primal fury. He will ferociously defend his turf... and thrives on the opportunity to sink his teeth into any challenge."

"Drawing on the power of his ancestors, Toa has the strength of a thousand warriors flowing through his veins, and he will never, ever show mercy."

"Justice does indeed have a very long arm, and he'll pursue any adversary to the ends of the earth to prove it. Ask any of his opponents and they'll tell you that sometimes Justice hurts, and the scales always tip in his favor. "

Holy moly that is amazing.

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  1. # Blogger Beretta

    I admit it. I watched it last night. And the amount of cheese was incredible. Did you know Toa is The Rock's cousin? I do, and I'm dumber for it.

    I still want to try Assault, though.  

  2. # Blogger Chris

    i hate myself for clicking on the Chyna link in this post.  

  3. # Blogger gerry dorsey

    what chris said. fucking links...i can't resist 'em.  

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