Typically, when your dad looks like Terry Bradshaw, about the most you can aspire to in life is being the girl with "a really great personality." But Rachel Bradshaw seems to have hit the genetic lottery and inherited absolutely no DNA from her father. I wouldn't even believe that she was his daughter if they didn't share the undeniable father-daughter bond of country music.

You see, Terry put out his own country album back in 1976 and now Rachel is following in her father's footsteps by appearing on the already-on-hiatus Fox reality show Nashville. Apparently this show debuted back in September, which makes this really old news, but I pretty much just used this story as an excuse to post this picture from the back of Terry's album cover. Because it can never be posted too many times. So think about that when you try to tell me that this story is old.

And now to rid that image from your mind.....here's more Rachel. (And here's hoping she also inherited dad's love of baring his ass on film.)


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  1. # Blogger JoeyJoeJr.

    Terry, his ex-wife and daughter have been into Del Frisco's, and yes the wife and daughter are both hot.
    I know it will come as a shocker but they live in South Lake currently. Or at least the ex-wife does right now.  

  2. # Blogger Chris

    that pic of young Bradshaw is just further proof that he is one Awesome dude.  

  3. # Blogger Alex

    I know this is way after the show. But I must be one of the only ones who enjoyed and taped those first couple of episodes.
    That still photograph above doesn't do Rachel justice. I think she was hot and much better looking than the star Mika Combs.  

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