This just proves that all you have to do to make it in a meaningless lady magazine is date a pop singer. You don't even have to win a Super Bowl! Hell, not even a playoff game! And BOOM! Fun fearless male!

Ed. Note - Jessica Simpson has boned 3 of the men in that picture.

Well anyways, Tony was "honored" with the "award" along with Dave Salmoni, Peter Krause, Dave Annable, Tom from MySpace, John Krasinki, Common, Dane Cook and John Mayer.

Good for him. Hey! One of my Cowboy's won something! HOOORAYY!!!!



2 Responses to “FUN FEARLESS MALES?”

  1. # Blogger Beretta

    I'm confused...he won the award for being in Jessica?  

  2. # Blogger twoeightnine

    Only three?  

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