Sorry we've been away for like 10 days. Our excuse??? SPRING BREAK! WOOO!

Apparently stuff has been going on in the world of sports. But none of that really matters when you're dancing on tables and taking shots of tequila.

Making bad decisions > Making blog posts

I'll have a post about my road trip to Austin coming up later today. It involves the E Bus, a bunch of drunk friends, and a guy with an unfortunate Boston tattoo. Hilarity ensues. Trust.

2 Responses to “DOWN, BUT NOT OUT”

  1. # Blogger Beretta

    But do boobies ensue? That's what inquiring minds want to know.  

  2. # Blogger CrabblerK3

    If you lived to tell about them, they are clearly not bad decisions.

    But do tell. Spring break stories are awesome.  

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